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Each invitations include:Reception or optional RSVP 

Format: Pocket & Wrap 
Direction: Vertical
Pocket Dimensions: 127 x 178 mm / 5 x 7 inch (w x h)(No.358 Vellum Paper)
Insert Cards Dimensions: 120 x 170mm / 4.72 x 6.70 inch (w x h)(No.339 White)
RSVP card: 127 x 89 mm / 5 x 3.5 inch (w x h) (No.339 White)

Foil Rose Gold

Vellum Paper Foil Rose Gold

Seal Rose Gold

Evelope Liner Digital Print

We change the design and colors for you


Luxury Foil Floral Vellum Paper Pocket WPV0003

Envelope Color
  • Format: Flat 
    Thickness:1mm/0.04inch or 2mm/0.08inch or 3mm/0.12inch
    Invitation Size:127x178mm/5x7inch or 150x150mm/5.9x5.9inch 
    Printing Method: UV Printing 
    Note: There is a protective film on the acrylic invitations, you can easily peel it off by dropping some water on the film.

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